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BOMB Reading at Half King

On a frigid Monday night in January, BOMBlog hosted a reading at Half King, the legendary bar and restaurant in Chelsea. Listen to a podcast of the event, featuring Luke Degnan, Ben Mirov, Dorothea Lasky, and Justin Taylor. Listen here!


#010 – Ben Mirov

Who was chasing me through the brush? He’s staring at neon graffiti and doesn’t look away. He looks like a rich kid on acid. He turns into a duffle bag. The man I have sex with is me. I don’t dream about you. I find your feelings’ cloud. In episode 10 of Phoned In, BOMB Magazine’s poetry reading by phone podcast, Ben Mirov reads from his book Ghost Machine. Click through for a Q&A where he and Luke Degnan discuss boredom, depression, Lego poetry, and Haruki Maurakami’s novel The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle.

Ben Mirov has writing in, or forthcoming from: Did I Shit Me (I & II), The Agriculture Reader, Lungfull!, Absent, Verse Daily, The Best American Poetry Blog, and We Are Champion. He is the author of Collected Ghost (H_NGM_N, 2009), I is to Vorticism (New Michigan Press, 2010) and Ghost Machine (Caketrain Press, 2010). He is general editor of pax americana. He is also poetry editor of LIT Magazine. He blogs at isaghost.blogspot.com.