Phoned-In is BOMB Magazine’s poetry-reading-by-phone podcast. It was created by Luke Degnan in January 2010. It is hosted on BOMB Magazine’s blog, bombsiteblog.com.

Luke Degnan is a poet, a musician, and the Audio Projects Editor for BOMB Magazine. He created and curates Phoned-In, BOMB Magazine’s poetry reading by phone podcast. Phoned-In has featured poets who are eminent in their field such as K. Silem Mohammad, Dorothea Lasky, and Ben Lerner. Phoned-In has also featured young, emerging poets such as Mark Leidner, Jack Christian and Frances Justine Post. As an emerging poet himself, Luke fits in with BOMB Magazine’s core values; he is an artist interviewing other artists. In addition to interviewing and recording poets, Luke (along with his band World’s Greatest Dad) creates all of the original music for the series. Phoned-In is one of the most successful features on the BOMBlog, and has a core following of listeners and fans.