#006 – Zachary Schomburg

Elizabeth Hoy

In episode 6 of Phoned-In, BOMB’s poetry reading by phone podcast, Luke Degnan talks to Portland, OR poet Zachary Schomburg about our generation’s obsession with animals and how poetry lends itself to collaboration. Also, Zach reads some poems. Click through to hear it….

Zachary Schomburg is the author of Scary, No Scary (Black Ocean 2009), The Man Suit (Black Ocean 2007) and several chapbooks, including, most recently, collaborations with Emily Kendal Frey called Team Sad (Cinematheque Press 2010), Feelings Using Wolves (Small Fires Press, forthcoming), and Ok, Goodnight (Future Tense Books, forthcoming). His translations from the Russian of the poems of Andrei Sen-Senkov have been published in Circumference, Jacket, Harp & Altar, and Aufgabe among others. A DVD of his poem-films, Little Blind Thing, is now available from Poor Claudia. He and Mathias Svalina co-edit Octopus Magazine and Octopus Books. He lives in Portland, OR.


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